Villagers struggle to access water

Participants of the Sustainable Forest and Land Management workshop on Ravi Island yesterday. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

Rabi Island’s intermittent water supply issues was one of the key subjects of discussion during the week-long Sustainable Forest and Land Management workshop conducted by the ministries of Forestry and Agriculture at Tabwewa Village.

Participants shared their daily struggles in accessing clean water supply.

Principal agricultural officer Rohit Lal encouraged the participants to use tools and strategies learnt from the workshop. He said managing forest sustainably meant increasing their benefits.

“This includes timber and food to meet societies’ needs in a way that conserved and maintains forest ecosystems,” he said.

“With the limited resources you have and the knowledge gained over this past week, start where you are, use what you have and do what you can to produce your food and income needs sustainably.”

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