Villagers request for road upgrade

NAVILAWA villagers have requested the authorities that a road be developed to help their children commute more easily to Ba for school.

The village is part of Yakete district in the Ba highlands.

For years villagers have had to travel the long way ast Sabeto and Lautoka before they were able to reach Yakete district for meetings and discussions.

Villagers travel on horseback to the villages for communal gatherings.

The request was raised from the floor during a talanoa session held by Minister for Rural and Maritime Development Inia Seruiratu last week.

The villager’s wish was to have their children attend the district school which was impossible without any connecting road.

Mr Seruiratu said they would note their request but he could not promise any development as early as next year.

“I believe the roads towards Sabeto are in good condition and for the time being is suitable for your children to commute that way,” he said.

“While we seek to properly develop our rural and maritime areas, we do not want to make quick work that will end up in us losing more money.

“We want to build back better and that means it will take time but it is better that the development is up to standards then having to commit to the same thing again in the future,” he said.

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