Villagers in the dark on candidates’ numbers

Luke Latianara (right) with fellow villagers relax under the shade at Nasautabu village in Navosa .Picture: BALJEET SINGH

SOME villagers in the Navosa highlands are still in the dark and do not have any idea at all of which number to vote for as the country heads to the 2018 General Election.

In a recent pre-election survey, Nasautabu and Nalebaleba villagers shared they had no idea at all of the election and they had not been informed or given choices of the candidates’ numbers they would vote for.

Nasautabu villager Luke Latianara said apart from their transistor radios, there was no other media to inform them about the election. And this year’s election, he said, was different compared with many other years they had taken part in because they were still far away from familiarising themselves with the voting system and the candidates.

Their only source of election information is the small transistor radio they listen to hourly for news updates.

“Keimami sa rogoca tiko na veisau vosa sa vakayacori tiko e na retio mai vei ira na dau ni politiki ia keimami sega ni kila na siga e na qai yacovi keimami mai kina na I tukutuku ni veidigidigi (We have heard on radio the exchange of words between politicians, but we don’t know when we are going to have the election information on hand),” Mr Latianara said.

“Qo madaga sa bera saraga baleta ni sa vo ga qo e vica na macawa me vakayacori na veidigidigi ia keimami se sega ga ni kila tu e dua na ka (This is late because we are only a few weeks away from the election date and we still do not know simple election information).”

While acknowledging the work done by the Fijian government, Mr Latianara highlighted the need for voters to familiarise themselves with the voting system at hand.

Penione Raitala of Nalebaleba shared the same sentiments, hoping those involved in the election would look into their concern before election day.

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