Villagers fund proper sanitation facilities

Tiliva villagers in Bua outside a newly built sanitation facility in the village. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

HAVING experienced typhoid threats over the past years, villagers of Tiliva in Bua have taken proactive measures, raised $7500 and built proper sanitation facilities.

The village project, which started in October, was completed yesterday as 17 houses now have proper bathrooms and flush toilets.

Tiliva is the first village in Bua to fund their own sanitation project without any government assistance or donor funding. Days of sharing toilets has also ended for these villagers.

Project co-ordinator Uraia Suraki said the villagers agreed to contribute $200 each for the project.

“All the villagers who live around the country and in the village contributed and we raised the funds for the project. We prayed about this project and God has made it all possible for us,” he said.

Village headman Sitiveni Solei said surrounding villages had been affected by typhoid over the past years.

“We have been spared but we thought of building our own sanitation facilities because we don’t want our families to be affected by typhoid. We used to share toilets and bathrooms and this can cause typhoid so we were serious about this project. We built it by using the timber from our forest and work is easily done when we are united.”

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