Villagers fix crossing

Nananu villagers repair the washed out portion of the Votavota crossing near Tavua last week. Picture: SUPPLIED

VILLAGERS near Tavua have rehabilitated a bridge through funds collected by from their mataqali.

The Votavota low-level crossing was washed away on one end several times this year during flooding, cutting off Nananu and Naseyani villagers from the main highway.

“Every time the crossing end got washed away, Higgins (a road contractor) will come and put gravel and go away,” said Nananu Village spokesman Kaliova Cadrevia.

“When the next heavy rain comes, it floods again, the gravel washes away again. “We couldn’t wait anymore and decided to take things into our hands, and we collected $400 to buy the cement.

“We had the cement mixer and the manpower and last week the villagers came together to cement the portion that washed away.

“This crossing is vital as it connects villagers to go to school and work and whenever the crossing is washed away, everything has to stop.

“We have raised the issue with the previous government and now hopefully the new Government can come and have a look and find a permanent solution.”

Mr Cadrevia said close to 1000 villagers were affected whenever the Votavota low-level crossing was flooded.

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