Villagers await 2018 polls

Like the rest of Fiji, the people of Matokana Village on far-flung Ono-i-Lau eagerly await this year’s general election.

Village chief Noa Sukanasau said the 112 villagers who lived there were pleased with what the current Government had done for them.

He said the FijiFirst government had delivered on their promises to the people of Matokana and they would support whichever government puts the people first.

He said while they had not received any political parties on the island, their votes would be for the political party that would deliver what the people wanted.

He said the villagers were happy with the free education scheme, the free milk and Weet-Bix initiative, as well as the assistance given to the elderly in the country.

“We don’t need political parties to come to us and campaign, we have seen the difference in elected governments,” Mr Sukanasau said.

“We will vote for the party that gives the people what the people need.”

He said the people were free to vote for their candidate of choice and villagers knew they had the freedom to exercise that right.

“They know that they can vote for anyone, but we are in favour of the government who delivers what they have promised to the people.”

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