Villager relies on piggery for main source of income

Marica Seru relies on her piggery for her main source of income. Picture: ATU RASEA

FOR 58-year-old Marica Seru life is what you make of it.

Mrs Seru, who hails from Drekena Village in Rewa, believes starting small gets you a long way.

The outspoken widow relies on her piggery as her main source of income.

With eight pigs and six piglets, Mrs Seru sells her pigs at $500 each.

“The piggery started way back in 2004 and while some people may say it is a hard business to manage, I think otherwise because pigs reproduce every three months with six piglets at a time,” Mrs Seru said.

“For me I find managing the piggery easy. “What I do is I sell four piglets at $50 each while I keep two to reproduce,” she said.

“Once the other two are big enough I sell them at $500 each and this has been my rotation process since I started.”

Mrs Seru says she does not earn much but whatever little she earns sustains her as her daughter-in-law also earns a small income by sewing dresses and other garments for villagers.

“I have people who come from as far as Namara in Tailevu to buy pigs for family functions because today you cannot buy a pig for $500.”

When a team from this newspaper visited Mrs Seru on Wednesday, they could hear her calling out “Winnie! Winnie!”.

“I name all the piglets Winnie and as soon as I call them during meal times, they come running.”

Mrs Seru said having a piggery farm was a good business but one had to plan and manage it properly.

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