Village invests in children’s educational needs

MORE than $100,000 worth of yaqona has been planted at Naividamu Village, to cater for future educational needs.

Village headman Tomasi Moli said the yaqona farm was part of the village scheme aimed at improving educational achievements of their children.

“This is a new scheme for education and we have decided to do this because we need to educate our children, making sure they have a successful future,” Mr Moli said.

“We started this scheme last year so in the next three years, we will harvest the farm and feed our education scholarship fund.

“We hardly have any school dropouts in this village as parents are reminded all the time about the importance of education and to educate their children.”

The village, he said had produced eight nurses, 13 teachers, 14 soldiers and some have joined private businesses.

Mr Moli said the grog plants would be harvested at different periods.

“We started with 1500 plants and have continued to plant more and in three years’ time, we will have more than 3000 plants so we expect to get good income,” he said.

“The funds will be used to pay for tertiary expenses and we will also look at options of accommodation in Viti Levu for our children.

“Our village is far inland and we need to take our own initiative for development purposes so educating our children is very important.”

There are 200 villagers in Naividamu.

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