Village head must ‘live iTaukei culture’

SOCIAL Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) Member of Parliament Niko Nawaikula says people who are chosen to be village headmen must know, appreciate and live the iTaukei culture.

Mr Nawaikula made these comments in response to a statement made by iTaukei Affairs Board’s deputy CEO Apakuki Kurusiga that people of different ethnicities could be allowed to become village headman (turaga-ni-koro).

“In a village situation, the most important thing is a person who adheres to the culture, who speaks the language, who performs the cultural protocol and everything. The person who has been in a village a long time and has been accepted by them should be a headman if they (villagers) choose to.”

Tui Wainunu, Ratu Orisi Baleitavea, said he concurred with the suggestion as the village headman role mainly dealt with development in the village.

“I do not have a problem with what has been said because I believe if the villagers adhere to the appointment,then why not because if villagers appoint their headman, this means they believe that the person they are appointing can bring positive changes into the village.”

Meanwhile, there have been mixed reactions noted on social media from members of the public on comments made by Mr Kurusiga.

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