Village ban, laws well observed in Saqani

THE maintaining of the Fijian buiniga hairstyle and the ban on women wearing pants and short skirts in villages of Saqani district in Cakaudrove have been well observed.

However, there have been a few cases in which village elders had to discipline women who breached these village rules.

For those in Natuvu Village, Cakaudrove, those seen not observing village rules are often disciplined during village meetings.

Village headman Aporosa Ranamu said if the cases involved young single girls, parents had been brought to village meetings to be reminded about the rules set out by elders.

“If the young girls have long hair, they need to cut it into a “buiniga” and are not allowed to wear shorts, long pants or short skirts in the village,” he said.

“We have had to call in a few parents to remind them of these things and during village meetings, the women who attend need to wear sulu and jaba, they are not allowed to wear sulu vakatoga to the meetings.

“It’s part of our tradition and we are teaching our children and the younger generation that this is our culture and lifestyle.”

Mr Ranamu said such rules had resulted in the disciplined lifestyle of young people in the village.

“We have a farm in Taveuni and our young boys are planting dalo and yaqona and money earned from it has been used on village projects,” he said.

“The ban of alcohol consumption has also been enforced in the village so there is great respect for the village and its people when we have these rules.”

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