Vika helps keep lodge clean

Vika Yabaki, a lady who has the special ability of making any visitor feel right at home at the lodge. Picture: ANA MADIGIBULI

IF you ever get a chance to stay at the Ministry of Agriculture Research Station lodge in Dreketi, take a few minutes to know the staff members who work behind the scenes at the research station.

You will not be disappointed in making their acquaintance as they lightly share their commitment to making every visitor feel welcomed during their stay.

One of those hardworking staff members at the research station is Vika Yabaki, a lady who has the special ability of making any visitor feel right at home at the lodge.

For about six years, Vika has been the help at the research station lodge, making sure that everything is in order for visitors and that the lodge is up to par in terms of housekeeping service.

Vika, who is from Qeleni Village on Taveuni, says she is so fortunate to have landed a job with the ministry, with the best part being able to work beside her husband daily at the research station.

While Vika works as the maid at the lodge her husband works as a labourer at the research station, making sure that everything is fixed and cared for every time.

I love what I do because I get the chance to meet people and to get well acquainted with them during their stay,” she said.

“Every day, I make sure that the lodge is clean and I try not to get in the way of visitors while doing my chores and I make sure that I’m available when they need my assistance.

“I was so fortunate to have been employed by the ministry after my husband was working here for some time. “When my husband was the only one employed by the ministry, he would do a lot of work and I would make sure to assist him in any way I can. “Whether it was helping him wash the linens or gathering all the bedding materials for washing, I made sure I could help him in any way I can so he can focus on other important work that needed to be done.”

She said she was employed by the ministry as the maid at the lodge as there wasn’t anyone there to do the work.

“I’m so grateful to be given the maid’s position and I thank God for blessing me with this opportunity,” she said.

“I had worked in several places before like the resort, garment factory and even at a jewellery shop but this occupation would be the best job I’ve ever worked for because I get to live with my family and work beside my husband.”

She said through working at the ministry the couple have been able to put their two children through university. “One of our children attends University of Fiji while the other one is on attachment in Taveuni.

Our jobs have helped us financially putting our two children through university.”

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