Viable, ethical and trustworthy

I was a great supporter of the Fiji labour movement during the late Dr Bavadra’s time which was cut short by Sitiveni Rabuka.

They mobilised the nation’s support through their positive approach to issues.

However, I believe the same doesn’t seem to apply today as they’ve steadily lost support over the years.

The people of Fiji aren’t ignorant by any stretch of the imagination.

If a political party wants to win the support of the majority of Fijians they need to, first and foremost, offer themselves as a viable, ethical and trustworthy alternative to the current government with positive practical measures offering hope, unity and stability at a time when the world has so much turmoil.

I believe the negative vibe that seems to be emanating from some quarters will not win a certain party support.

And let’s face it, the current government, despite some of its decrees which are infuriating, seems to be doing a good job on many fronts.

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