Vessel to service group, boosts travel

COOK ISLANDS – A new ship, which will service the Cook Islands northern group, is due to arrive in Cook Islands from Norway in August.

The 40-metre long cargo and passenger vessel, the Moana Nui, has been used by the Norwegian Traffic Department since its launch.

The Cook Islands News reports the owner of Taio Shipping, Tapi Taio, has been in Norway for the past six weeks overseeing the ship’s purchase and preparations for its voyage to the Cooks. He says the ship, formerly the Soroy built in 1967, has undergone an overhaul of its main engine, generators and pumps.

He says bridge equipment has been serviced and new equipment such as radar, sat phone and a computer chart program have been installed.

He says extra fuel tanks are being attached for the Moana Nui’s non-stop voyage from Norway to Tahiti.

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