Vendors making losses

Eseta Navunisaravi of Namara, after selling her produce at the Logani border in Tailevu, on Monday, June 7, 2021. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

Trading at the Logani containment border is not lucrative, with farmers claiming they are barely making enough to meet transport costs.

Eseta Navunisaravi, a grower who travelled from Namara, Tailevu to the Logani border to sell vegetables for the first time on Monday, said she had to reduce her prices to sell them.

“Before, we used to sell our vegetables and root crops at the Nausori market but now, it’s difficult because we don’t have transport readily available or affordable to take us to Nausori or even to this border,” she said.

“Because there was no transport available, I couldn’t bring all my root crops so I only got chillies and sold them for $20 per kilogram.

“This is a huge loss because I used to sell them for $30 per kg at the market.”

Ms Navunisaravi said food was not an issue for the Namara people because they had access to plentiful on their farms.

“We only need money for groceries and necessities.

“Selling at the border is a huge challenge for farmers like me who did not have previous links to buyers and right now, things are not looking good.”

Another vendor, Shalen Chand, shared similar sentiments.

“There are less customers coming to buy at this border but we have no other option, we have to earn something,” he said.

“I am able to earn $150 to $160 here in a day, compared with $300 to $500 I could earn in a day at the market.”

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