Vendors’ concerns

HAVING to deal with soggy, slippery soil, strong winds and rain, vendors at Seaqaqa have raised concerns about the condition of the market.

The vendors’ who have been selling vegetables, fruits, grog and rootcrops, shared how they had to put up tapulins around their table area during rainy weather.

Vendor Shalima Bi said the condition of the market affected most of their sales on a daily basis.

“Our market tables are in an open area and when it rains water goes in and out,” she said.

She added that dust from the main road was an added problem.

“I wish to have a proper market area. When it rains the market area gets wet and there is no floor as well,” she said.

“So it gets wet and it becomes very slippery.”

Another market vendor Ashma Bi, said they were not able to keep items in the market.

“We cannot keep our products in the market because it’s more of a shed with no walls and no doors,” she said.

She said most people crowd up at the market area to wait for their buses.

“If we could get some help somewhere to have our market area upgraded because people also use it as a bus stand area,” Ms Bi said.

Market building owner Hashim Khan said the market would be upgraded.

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