Vendors assured

DIVISIONAL police commander Northern SSP Shiri Bhawan Singh has assured market vendors in Labasa that they will be on the forefront to attend to their complaints.

Speaking at the vendors’ pre-Christmas celebration on Thursday, SSP Singh said they were always there to help.

“If you have any complain at all, visit our office and we will be there to assist you,” he said.

“When you come to us and if you see that the officers don’t treat your complaints seriously, visit my office at the Namuka House or call me. We are mandated by the Police Act to protect the people of Fiji from crime and we are here to help.

“I will be visiting the market more frequently now and you can all raise your issues with me if you have one.”

SSP Singh said it was only proper that the vendors worked with the police for the purpose of creating a safer and secure society.

“If we work together, we will solve a lot of problems. The onus is on us to create a safer place to live in.”

Meanwhile, SSP Singh also urged the vendors to look after their children well during this festive season.

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