Vendors and respect

The right price

I usually try to stretch the dollar when I go shopping.

I go around the market looking for the best buy and spot something that has a reasonable price.

I check it out and the vendor may say: “It’s fresh”.

But from my experienced eyes I know that the vegetable, fruit or root crop is starting to whither.

I have to buy more stuff so I buy that “reasonably priced” thing.

I take my shopping home and I know I have saved a few dollars, and I am happy.

Then I crack open coconuts and they are bad, cassava after being cooked is hard as nails.

Sometimes I wonder if the vendors could sell their wares at a lower price and get rid of them when they are still in tip top condition.

Just like a chap we call Q. He sells tavioka and one day I go past and he says, “Allen na tavioka qo, buka pepa.” (Meaning it will be fast to cook)

I take it home and nearly empty a cylinder of gas because it’s so hard.

Next Saturday I go down and look for Q.

The other vendors tell me he had moved to another location, in the market.

I spot him wearing a cap that almost covers his eyes.

“Before I can say anything he says, “Kumala?'”

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