Vehicle maximum loads

THE correct loading of vehicles in Fiji is necessary for the protection of roads and bridges and the safety of other road users. The maximum permissible aggregate mass, expressed as the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) or Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of any vehicle in Fiji is determined by LTA.

In determining maximum loads of vehicles, LTA is directed by relevant Land Transport legislations. Such legislations empower LTA to ensure that all vehicles in Fiji comply with the law and any other condition determined by LTA.

It is an offence to drive, use or cause or permit to be driven or used in a public street any vehicle having a wheel load, axle load, or aggregate axle load in excess of the limits prescribed by relevant, applicable Land Transport legislations.

Table one hereunder specifies (in tonnes) the maximum permissible aggregate mass, expressed as the GVM or GCM of the vehicle, in respect of all the axles of a motor vehicle, a trailer, articulated vehicle or combination vehicle.

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