Vegetable prices up

LABASA Town is experiencing a drastic shortage of fruit and vegetables, attributed to the dry weather conditions.

As a result, market vendors have no other choice but to increase their prices in a bid to keep their businesses operating.

Vendor Dharmendra Prasad said the supply of citrus, cucumber, watermelon, pawpaw, bananas and vegetables had declined.

“The farmers are selling at a higher price to us and in order to keep our businesses running, we have also increased our prices,” he said.

“The shortage is not only experienced here in the market but from the farms as a result of the dry spell.”

The farmers themselves are struggling to ensure their farms continue to produce.

“The dry spell has really affected us and we only hope that the rain falls soon so we can have our business operations back on track.”

Another vendor Shalend Kumar echoed similar sentiments saying they hoped for the best.

“We used to sell a bundle of cabbage for $1.50 but now its gone up to $2 or $3.

“For tubua, it used to be $1 but now we are selling it for $2 or $2.50,” he said.

“For a bundle of bean, we used to sell it for $2.50 but now it has gone up to $4.

“This is something we have resorted to in order to keep our businesses operating.”

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