Vanutau’s top cop suspended

Vanuatu Police Commissioner Albert Nalpini is currently on suspension. Picture: VANUATU DAILY POST

VANUATU’S Commissioner of Police, AlbertĀ Nalpini, has been suspended.

The suspension was done through an Instrument of Suspension signed by President Obed Moses Tallis on September 19, which is the effective date of suspension.

This instrument was published in the Official Gazette on September 25.

Instrument of Suspension Order No. 150 of 2018 was signed by the Head of State, in exercise of the powers conferred on him by subsection 7A(1) of the Police Act [CAP 105] and section 21 of the Interpretation Act [CAP 132).

These sections of the law cover the authority to make any appointment or to remove, suspend, reappoint or reinstate any person appointed.

The President suspended the Commissioner of Police on the advice of the Commission after consultation with the Minister responsible for police.

Sources within the Vanuatu Police say the suspension was over administrative issues within the Force.

Daily Post went to the Office of the Police Service Commission at around 3.42pm yesterday to get further comment on the reason behind the suspension but the office was locked and no one responded to knocks on the door.

The Commission is reportedly headed by Mr Willie Vira, a former member of the Vanuatu Police Force.

On the same date that the Commissioner of Police was suspended, an acting appointment was made of an Acting Commissioner of Police.

The President appointed Mr Willie Ben, another senior police officer as Acting Commissioner of Police.

Police Commissioner Nalpini has confirmed his suspension but has not elaborated on what course of action he is taking to counter his suspension.

Nalpini was appointed last year in May by the late President Baldwin Lonsdale, just before his passing in June.

He was appointed after a legal battle which saw the Supreme Court order the Police Service Commission to forward their recommendation to the Head of State.

The suspended Commissioner is a law graduate who entered the Force through the normal police recruitment 20 years ago.



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