Vanuatu needs its own university: Minister

Vanuatu needs own university to boost human resource, Minister Nirua says during Lycee LAB Golden Jubilee inaugural. Photo: Leah Lowonbu

PORT VILA, 23 AUGUST 2018 (VANUATU DAILY POST) – Minister of Education and Training (MOET), Jean Pierre Nirua, said Vanuatu needs to have its own university to boost human resource and productivity.

While it is exciting to apply for further studies abroad, having its own university will allow students to undertake scholarship studies locally where they can stay close to their families and be supported.

Minister Nirua said it’s better for the government to invest in its own university, instead of spending money abroad.

He believes this is a way to succeed in a globalized and competitive world.

He said the government is now focusing on sponsoring higher qualification courses such as Masters and PHD for french speaking students through Agence Universitaire de la Francophone (AUF) in Port Vila.

Minister Nirua explained that the government is awarding scholarships every year based on the country’s priority human resource needs.

“While we are celebrating because some of our schools such as Lycee LAB and Malapoa have reached maturity, its time we start looking ahead to establish our own university,” he said.

Daily Post understands talks about the government’s intention to establish its own national university have been held in the past.

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