Vanua Balavu Day proceeds to fund island developments

Update: 4:41PM IN trying to boost their rehabilitation efforts after Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston, the 16 villages of Vanua Balavu in Lau raised a total of $80,000 during the two-day Vanua Balavu day in December last year.

Member of Parliament Salote Radrodro said the funds collected by each village was given back to village committees to assist them in their village development.

“The fundraiser was not really competitively driven but was more on confidence boosting to encourage and drive our people to aspire to higher levels of commitment, determination in helping each other as individuals, families, yavusa, tikina and Vanua Balavu as an island to rebuild our island homes to greater heights and to offer our children of Vanua Balavu better opportunities,” Mrs Radrodro said.

She said the fundraiser that was held at Vanua Balavu on December 27-28 last year was part of the island committee development plan to have three fundraising events.

She said two had already been conducted and the latter was the last one.

The purpose is multipronged:

– To boost confidence of Vanua Balavu people overseas, in urban centres and on the island that Vanua Balavu will rise again and we will rebuild our island home and not wait for Government assistance;

– To renew and boost our immediate, extended family relationships in recognising that this is the strongest platform to drive our rehabilitation efforts; and 

– To raise funds to assist individual villages in their rehabilitation activities.

“The people of Vanua Balavu are deeply indebted to the New Zealand government in stepping forward with their help in rebuilding the schools and government stations.

“Particularly their engagement with PBS to undertake this mammoth construction task and not give the money to the government.”

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