Vandalism on buses concerns operators

THE Fiji Bus Operators Association (FBOA) has raised issues about the vandalism of buses.

In a statement, FBOA stated it would conduct awareness activities on the impact of vandalisation of buses on members of the travelling public.

Incoming FBOA president Nisar Ali Shah said passengers should appreciate the services provided, but instead they were vandalising buses.

“Buses are provided by operators for the comfort and safe passage of the public and when some members of the public destroy or deface buses, it is the public at large that suffers unfairly,” Mr Shah said.

“Other issues bus operators would like to address are the throwing of rubbish out of buses and abuse of bus drivers.

“We will be leading this drive to eliminate bad behaviour on public transport and will work closely with our stakeholders, including the transport, education and environment ministries to ensure the issue of vandalism, abuse of drivers and littering by passengers from buses are highlighted and dealt with.”

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