Van gets Australian recognition

The Hyundai H-1 is the answer when a regular, car-based station wagon is just not big enough. The strong, modern exterior is complemented by a comfortable, convenient and spacious interior.

The relative newcomer to the light-commercial van segment has won two Australian Automobile Association “Australia’s best cars” awards in the people mover category.

The scene is typical of modern living. Hyundai H1 effortlessly whisks a group of colleagues, or perhaps old mates, from the city to the airport. With a high specification and well-equipped cab, the Hyundai is good to drive and easy to live with. Twin sliding side doors are standard too, making it easy to access the load area from either side of the vehicle.

The wagon is in its element in these circumstances, so easy to get into and out of.

With six, nine or twelve seats, it has all the space needed by the travellers.

Drivers can use the interior space more practically with the seat variation feature.

Clever design allows the seats to be tipped up, slid or reclined.

The H1 is the correct answer when delivering people take priority over packages while it is primarily a practical, hardworking carrier..

Interior comfort and refinement of the type normally associated with passenger cars are complemented by full length side windows.

The H1’s 2.5 CRDi engine delivers excellent performance and fuel economy. For optimum weight distribution and dynamic balance, the front-mounted engine powers the rear wheels.

The suspension is a remarkably flexible design. It is sufficiently robust to cope when the vehicle is fully laden, yet remains compliant enough to provide the occupants with a comfortable ride whatever the load – or road.

For better crashworthiness, driver’s and passenger’s airbag is provided in the H1 as option. They help keep the driver and passenger safely in position and minimise any likelihood of debris penetration to create an effective safety zone.

Large and powerful disc brakes (16″) are available on the rear wheels as well as those on the rear and front wheels.

They provide the high level of stopping performance required when a wagon or van is fully laden.

On slippery surfaces, the anti-lock braking system prevents the car from skidding; where the tire has less traction and contract patch is sliding relative to the road.

The powerful air conditioning system has been re-engineered in order to incorporate roof mounted air vents each side for the added comfort of passengers seated in the rear.

The H1 12-seater window van is now also available in automatic transmission at Carpenters Motors.

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