Valuing voices project provides space to inspire children

Participants at the Valuing Voices Project: Arts and Education dialogue funded by the European Union (EU). Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

GOVERNMENT, civil society and members of the diplomatic corps came together today to discuss Valuing Voices Project: Arts and Education at a dialogue funded by the European Union (EU).

The event was launched at the Grand Pacific Hotel by the chief guest, permanent secretary for the Ministry of Education Alison Burchell.

Save the Children (SC) Fiji CEO Iris Low-McKenzie said the focus with children was to provide a space for adult participants and artists to inspire and encourage children to solve problems, build relationships, and get involved in ways that rebuild social capital and contribute to a fully self-expressed society.

“The dialogue aimed to build on and bring to the forefront children’s perceptions about their world and what they care about using art and heritage,” Ms Mckenzie said.

The dialogue provided up to 25 children with an opportunity to speak out responsibly about opportunities and challenges in integrating arts and culture into the Fiji school curriculum.

The children provided insights into how their self-expression could be portrayed through various art mediums.

Other activities in the 30-month Valuing Voices project have included song-writing training and competitions, social media master classes, digital film-making workshops and peace journalism.

Other themes explored in the panel discussion were:

· Art academic development, research and challenges
· Contemporary art, social activism and therapy
· Music, cultural identity and transformative change
· A child’s experience in art and curricula
· Eco-friendly art and activism
· Disability inclusion in the arts
· Pacific Arts for Children and Young People – the untapped potential.

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