Values of loving life

Pallbearers carry the coffin of Pacific Flying School instructor Iliesa Tawalo after the church service in Nadi last week. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Pallbearers carry the coffin of Pacific Flying School instructor Iliesa Tawalo after the church service in Nadi last week. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

HAVE you ever appreciated the life of someone who may have assisted a beggar on the street or someone who may have helped a family who was in dire need of help?

Many a times, we may have come across such situations where we may have met a random person offering assistance to a family or to an individual.

Such is the habit of some people. It may have been part of their life to assist and help others. Who knows that it may have been the values of life inherited from their families while growing up or it may have been the values inherited from being part of a church group or the person may have been born with such qualities.

The values of loving life and appreciating the people around us while we are still alive on this earth are very important.

Most often, we only came to learn about the worthiness of a person when he dies and when eulogies are delivered in church.

It has always been a very common practice that a person is praised and his qualities are made known when his life has finished on this earth. When he is alive, do we even look at all these things?

Do we even appreciate the values of his life and the many contributions he has made to society?

The funeral of late Pacific Flying School flying instructor Iliesa Tawalo was a perfect example of such scenario.

The funeral held in Nadi last week was just a perfect reminder of the importance of valuing and appreciating life.

The late Tawalo may just be a young person who had just started climbing the ladder of success in his aviation career, his personal life, however has touched many lives from his own family to his workplace and even in his own church.

It may have been sad that he was gone from his family and colleagues midst but he has run the good race and has fought the battle that many people would love to follow suit.

The life of the late Tawalo, who has maternal links to Bukuya, Ba, has touched so many people.

Eulogies delivered during his home going service highlighted the many qualities of the 31-year-old that had been part of his life all these years.

It is when such tragic events happened that we then realised the values of a person and the many great things he has contributed to in his own society with his life being a major impact in his own family, community and even in his work place.

He was described by his peers, students and family members as a gentle giant and a man of God.

Pastor Isimeli Namule said the late Tawalo was now in a place where there was no pain, no hardship and no sickness – which people living on earth encountered on a daily basis.

“Knowing him (Iliesa) he is in the hands of God,” he shared.

“For those of you who knew Iliesa, you know he was someone so full of energy, encouragement and faith.

“He has shown us the way to live life and has gone ahead of us.

“We are here today (last Thursday) to celebrate his life and regardless of the circumstance surrounding the accident, Iliesa is now safe in the arms of the Lord.

“Most of you will agree, Iliesa had been faithful, and living a life of faithfulness, he found favour with God.”

Mr Namule said, Tawalo was a man who shared and loved.

He spoke at length about the airman who would go out of his way to assist anyone in need.

All these eulogies and speeches were done to praise the life of a young man who has touched the lives of many people and has left behind a legacy which others may hope to follow.

And the late flying instructor’s life also taught us a great lesson that life was all about care, love, assisting one another and having faith while you still have your time on this earth.

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