Value for your money

CARZ & Carz, the second-hand car dealer is offering special deals during this Diwali, to help you drive away in your own car. The company is known for its wide range of vehicles. At Carz & Carz, you will be surprised with the special deals available for this Father’s Day.

The company’s goal is to provide customers the best quality and value for their money. The company will provide you with quotations on the vehicle you wants.

Director Riffat Bhatti says the company also has new stock of cars with low mileage. Mr Bhatti assures customers all vehicles have genuine mileage.

The company is an innovative company established in Fiji in 1998. Carz & Carz boasts to import only quality Japanese cars which is the core business. Mr Bhatti says vehicles are on special discounts. On occasions the company adds brand new commercial vehicles to the portfolio to fulfil the requirements of valued customers.

You can also trade in your car at Carz & Carz.

The company says customers can be reassured they would surely save a lot during this occassion.

At Carz & Carz you will find special offers on second-hand vehicles and it has extended its sale.

The company says the fleet of vehicles are in compliance with the latest Euro four standards that monitor second-hand cars meet international standards for low carbon emissions. Carz & Carz Ltd is a subsidiary of Qualitex Trading based in Japan.

Qualitex Trading has constantly maintained its position as a volume-based wholesaler to 15 countries for more than a decade now and considered to be one of the largest used-car exporter of Japan.

The company also buys from Singapore and various EU markets.

The company aims to provide customers the best quality and value for their money.

For more information contact Mr Bhatti on mobile number 9924441 or email him on or check their website on