Vaccine consent

IT is vital for students to get consent from their parents before they are vaccinated with the meningococcal C (Men-C) vaccines says Minister for Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar.

Prior to the vaccination of students of Navesau Adventist High School, Ms Akbar said some students were still away from school and needed to hand in their consent forms.

“One of the most important things is to get parents to give consent for the vaccination. That is really important,” she said.

Seventh-day Adventist Fiji director education Nemani Tausere said some students told the school they were given the OK to be vaccinated, but had no consent forms.

“Some, when they came back they did not bring back the consent forms from their parents. The vice-principal and the principal made phone calls to the parents, when they gave their verbal consent the signature of the students and the teacher was given on the paper and was processed for them to be vaccinated,” he said.

Meanwhile, medical teams from the Ministry of Health have already been on-site at Navesau Adventist High School since last week, providing regular medical checks to students and staff and administering antibiotic regimens.

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