Vaccination time

It’s good to see our Minister for Health visiting Navesau Adventist High School and commenting on the Men-C vaccines after a long lull.

It’s also good to see the students being vaccinated.

It’s noteworthy though that the Ministry of Health, as reported, “is quiet on plans to subsidise the Men-C vaccine”.

The Minister, however, says that when people buy their own, the vaccines need to be kept at a certain room temperature.

She adds: “Should they bring the vaccines to our hospitals, we will be able to administer it to them”.

It’s also reported that the FNPF has opened its Cyclone Josie Flood Assistance.

From the reports, members can apply to use their own funds, up to $1000 to assist them recover from the floods.

Cute arrangement! I now recall that this Government prides itself in providing the best services and development ever to the citizens of this country.

The next time they praise themselves, I suggest that they should add a small proviso — “buy your own Men-C vaccines and use your own retirement funds!”

On a positive note, the new Waterways Minister now has something to do — clearing drains and waterways.

Question — Why weren’t the dredging and clearance of waterways done beforehand?

It’s still the cyclone season, isn’t it?

Is it another case of highly paid ministers not doing what they are paid to do?

Or is it just simply that Minister Reddy was not ready!

Once again, I say — Isa!

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