Vacancy for diplomat

IN a bid to extend Fiji’s relationship with Australia, government is looking for a highly qualified person to be Fiji’s high commissioner to Australia.

A paid advertisement from the Foreign Affairs Ministry said the high commissioner would be responsible to the minister and permanent secretary, for the effective management of the commission.

The high commissioner will also manage all diplomatic and support staff, and all government resources under his/her responsibility, including the Fiji consulates in the Australian states and territories.

According to the ministry, the position acts as the primary interlocutor between the mission, government, and the line agencies in Fiji, including the promotion, negotiation and reporting of all issues of importance to Fiji and the effective implementation of Fiji’s foreign policy outcomes in Australia.

The ministry says the qualified individual should have experience in policy matters and assessed ability to provide advice to the minister, permanent secretary and government on matters relevant to the work of the mission.

The incumbent must have the ability to lead and facilitate negotiations and discussions at the national level.

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