Uto ni Yalo welcomes Pacific island vakas

Update: 3:49PM THE Uto Ni yalo has been joined by two other Pacific traditional vakas – the Marumarua Atua from Cook Islands and the Gaualofa from Samoa – to prepare for their journey to Sydney next week.

The Mua Voyage will see traditional vaka canoes sailing from Cook Islands, Samoa, Fiji and New Zealand all the way to Sydney.

It is expected to arrive in Sydney on Wednesday November 12 for the opening day of the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014.

The Mua Voyage is conveying a message from the Pacific islands to the world on people, oceans and climate change.

There was a sevusevu by the Uto Ni Yalo and IUCN crew to welcome the 26 crew members onboard the Marumaru Atua and Gaualofa vakas.

The crew will be accommodated at the St Lukes Hall where they will be hosted by IUCN Ocean staff for a feast tonight starting at 5pm.


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