USP staff union dissatisfied with continuous delays

Ilima Finiasi is pleading with relevant authorities to have a look at its issues. Picture: ROHIT DEO

MEMBERS of the University of the South Pacific Staff Union are pleading with authorities to deal with its issues as it has been delayed for too long now.

The union executives and members are dissatisfied with the continuous delays and silence in the request of a salary review.

Mr Ilima Finiasi has been working for USP for 16 years now as a clerical officer.

He is one of the many who are getting frustrated about nothing being done to the concerns being raised for years.

“There have been a few issues which the intermediate and junior staff has been negotiating with the university but the one in particular has been the salary increase. We have been negotiating on this for the last few years especially in the last triennium. We are approaching another trimester end and we haven’t had any salary increase.” He said

Mr Finiasi said they are hopeful their voices and issues raised will be considered.

“It seems to be quite difficult for us to pull our way through. We have tried to file for a strike notice but then we have been asked by the Ministry of Employment Relations to go back to the negotiation table.” He added.

He goes on to say that if nothing eventuates, the staff will have no option but to go to court.

“We have done it so many times but nothing positive has been done. To my understanding if this doesn’t work out properly we will have to end up in court. Our frustration is the delaying tactics we are facing and if we go to court, for me personally, I think that will delay more because once it goes to court it’s only up to the court.”

Meanwhile, officials from the Ministry of Employment Relations, the Staff Union and USP officials are expected to meet tomorrow and discuss the matter.

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