USP staff union to stage protest march

USP staff union general secretary Litiana Waqalevu. Picture: ROHIT DEO

THE University of the South Pacific (USP) union will be staging a protest march today at 1pm.

In a letter to the outgoing Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Rajesh Chandra, union secretary Litiana Waqalevu said the union executives and members of the union are dissatisfied with the continuous delays and silence in the request of a salary review.

She said they have had two meetings Professor Derrick Armstrong, USP’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor and the HR team but still there is no response from the VP’s office.

“We fully understand that the decision to review our salaries rests with you,” Ms Waqalevu said. She said they have trying to get a response from the VP’s office but claims there was no response.

“We all feel that we were part of the university’s success in this triennium and if the professional staff have been remunerated earlier and that the senior staff including yourself have collected a salary increase backdated to 2016, it is only fair that the intermediate and junior staff and hourly paid staff are equally shared a proportion of funds in recognition to the University’s total success in this 50th Anniversary year.

“Since we are approaching the end of the triennium fast, we would gratefully appreciate that we at least get a response to our request.

“We are also mindful of the council member’s decision in the last council meeting that salary reviews for the trienniums should be requested at the beginning of the triennium and not left till the end.”

Questions were sent to the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor earlier this morning.

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