USP keen on expanding the notion of entrepreneurship: Vice Chancellor

Panelist from left- Watesoni Nata Jnr, Student moderator Zakia Ali, Sagufta Janif and Kim Beddoes. Picture: TALEI MATAIRAKULA

YOUTH Driving Change in Entrepreneurship is the main message embedded in the 2019 Youth Forum held at the Japan-Pacific ICT Centre at the University of the South Pacific.

Vice Chancellor  and chief guest Professor Pal Ahluwalia said the University of the South Pacific  (USP) is very keen on expanding the notion of entrepreneurship.

“One of the key things for us is that we need more people to get into the economy to become multipliers themselves,” he said.

According to him USP with its diverse student background face the  daunting challenge to provide the best employment opportunities for its graduates which recognized the key role entrepreneurship plays.

“Youth entrepreneurship creates employment opportunities and is important in stimulating regional economies. Each entrepreneurship brings about benefits not only for themselves but for their locality, their country and the region as a whole.”

Ahluwalia added that youth entrepreneurship helps youths developed new skills, experiences, promotes innovation and resilience.

“When it comes to entrepreneurship, USP students understand the need to encourage students, graduates and members of the community to develop entrepreneurial mindset and spirit to develop the relevant skills which allows you to carry out your business.”

Youths representatives from Corpus Christi, Fulton College, Pacific Regional Seminary, Fiji National University, University of Fiji, Faculty of Business and Economics (USP), Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment (USP) as well as the Faculty of Arts, Law and Education (USP).

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