Useful device

FIJI’S largest trade show and entertainment event, Fiji Showcase, has been a platform for many new products to be made available to the public and this year is no different.

Since fire has claimed many lives and burnt infrastructures in the country, Fireball Fiji has introduced a new product called the Elide Extinguishing Ball that is intended to put out fire in its initial stages.

The company has a booth at the Fiji Showcase which is being held at the Vodafone Arena in Suva.

Fireball Fiji representative Lolo Ravitu said the ball was filled with powder and could be easily mounted near places where fire could potentially start.

She said a device such as this would come in handy in saving one’s life and it would be sold at a special price of $198.

“The ball weighs in at 1.3 kilograms and can be easily mounted on walls near kitchens, next to electrical appliances. The ball must be in contact with a flame before it will be activated. The response from the public has been good and they are enquiring about the product,” she said.

Meanwhile, Wilderness Amusement Rides employee, Tamarisi Vosanibola said because of the good weather, the business was doing pretty well since the opening of the event last Friday.

“The weather has been favourable and compared to last year we are doing good business. The turnout has been good so far,” she said.

Pineapple seller Watisoni Paula said people were taking advantage of his produce in the hot weather and the event had been organised very well this year.

The Fiji Showcase ends on Saturday.

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