Use of drones

THE recent flooding between Lautoka and Nadi as well as in parts of Ba happened quite suddenly, taking many by surprise.

One can argue about numerous lessons learnt but among this is the need for timely information and possibly pictures in social media to inform members who pass through affected areas.

With this in mind, it is perhaps timely that government ministries and departments including the police and DISMAC have drones available on standby.

They may be costly but could prove invaluable in keeping public informed with real time pictures, over a wider area and a birdseye view.

This could save lives and avoid disasters.

Meanwhile, pictures on social media over past weekend showed some members of the public enjoying themselves and having fun in rising waters.

This begs the question whether such irresponsible persons should be taken to tasks including being charged.

When disaster strikes, because of such selfish behaviour it takes a toll on authorities both financially and reduces time as well as manpower available to attend to other priorities including public safety and wellbeing.

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