US$12.93m funding for Pacific World Food Program

Minister for Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy is pictured with Mr Beasley at the WFP Headquarters in Rome. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE World Food Program Executive Board has approved a USD12.93 million agreement for the funding of future of World Food Program in the Pacific.

The  first “Interim Multi Country Strategy for the Pacific” was presented to the Executive Board today by the Pacific WFP Head Peter French supported by Samoa, Marshals, PNG and Fiji.

Minister of Agriculture from Fiji, Dr Mahendra Reddy strongly supported the plan in side event chaired by the WFP Executive Director, David Beasley.

The Strategy was then tabled at the Board which was then accepted after some deliberations.

The Board noted that the Plan will see the WFP implement a series of food security projects in the region that are designed to build resilience and mitigate against the impacts of natural disasters.

Dr Reddy received this Strategy report on behalf of the Pacific islands and commended the WFP and the report, adding that it (the Report) “is an important step on the road to strengthening and fortifying national systems to reduce the risk of, prepare for and respond to disasters, with the shared vision of building a more resilient Pacific Community.”

“The important goals set forth in the strategy will help Pacific Island nations to identify gaps and needs for support to advance their emergency preparedness planning and mechanisms- something WFP has already been working on for the past three years in the region,” Dr Reddy said.

“In the past 60 years, Pacific Island Countries have experienced losses averaging US$ 284 million a year due to natural disasters and climate shocks. These have affected over 9 million people and caused somewhere around 9,811 reported deaths.”

In his remarks, the Dr Reddy highlighted that the WFP’s work in the region will also support ongoing efforts by government and partners in bridging the divide for those impacted by climate change and to empower citizens to contribute to these efforts.


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