US unclear on American Samoa’s political status – Lolo Moliga

Picture: RNZI / Monica Miller

PAGO PAGO, 05 JULY 2018 (RNZ PACIFIC) – The Governor of American Samoa has told people at the opening of the Youth Summit in Pago Pago that the United States does not fully understand the territory’s political status.

In his remarks to over 300 students and young people, Lolo Moliga said while there had been suggestions that American Samoa is a colony of the US, that was not true.

He said American Samoa’s status is that of an unincorporated and unorganised US territory.

Lolo said there were certain issues which needed to be clarified with the federal government as the territory progresses with self-determination.

And he said the youth should be given the knowledge and understanding of the territory’s political status so that they can make decisions on the future of American Samoa.

Lolo said an Office of Self-determination was established to explore all issues pertaining to the territory’s political status but the federal government still doesn’t fully understand American Samoa.