US swim team here for experience

Team USA ready for the Pan Pacific Junior Championship at the Damodar City Aquatic Centre. Picture : PAULINI RATULAILAI

THE US junior swim team will use the Junior Pan Pacific Swimming Championship to gain more experience.

The team of 40 athletes arrived in the country yesterday to prepare for the swimming competition that will begin on Wednesday.

Team director Mitch Dalton said the swimmers had been on their toes training after they held their national championship last three weeks ago.

“This team was chosen based on their performance during that competition and these athletes continued with their own training and these guys have been working by themselves,” he said.

“We are excited to be here as we spent a few weeks at LA to get ready.” Dalton added that the competition was important to these swimmers’ careers as they continued to work on their momentum.

“This competition is held after two years and from then we have been participating and we have produced Olympians.

“In 2012 we had eight Olympians and in 2014 there were three and there is no doubt in my mind that this competition will provide a platform for our future 2020 Tokyo Olympians.

“A lot of relationships that are formed here are going to be valuable for them as they continue to grow in international competition.”

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