Uprising Resort close to carbon neutral goal

Volunteer Janet Arone helps children plant a mangrove at Uprising Beach Resort in their quest to reach 150,000 mangroves planted by end of this year. Picture: MATILDA SIMMONS

UPRISING Beach Resort is close to achieving its goal of becoming the first Fiji resort to become carbon  neutral after they planted 140,000 mangroves in the course of five years.
Environmental Manager Gauthier Mescam said their plan is to plant 150,000 mangroves and they have till December to reach this goal.
“We are trying to write our environmental management plan for the next five years to try and turn this resort into an eco lodge and part of it is we’ve partnered with Mangrove Fiji to carry out this plan.
“We figured out how many mangroves needed to be planted to offset the emissions from the resort such as  electricity and gas consumption. So we came up with 15 hectares of forests – so about 150,000  mangroves and if schedule goes ahead it looks like it will be on time by end of this year.”
Mr Mescam said they have  another project going which is to get rid of all  plastics from their resorts.“We’re also trying to sort all our trash and export it overseas to be recycled because its not done in Fiji at the moment.”

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