Unsecured loads

An issue I’d like to raise with relevant authorities is in regards to the unsecured loads that are experienced on some dumper (truck) daily on our roads.

Just the other day while behind a 10-wheeler truck, some of the crushed stone that it was carrying was falling out from its tailgate end.

Now the abovementioned can lead to serious vehicle damage and can also pose a risk to pedestrians.

Falling stones can damage vehicle windscreens (stone chips) and scratch paints which I reckon many motorists may have become victims of.

Pedestrians can also be hit by these falling and flying (stones) objects out of dumper trucks.

One small stone can create very big issues and its consequences can be quite fatal.

The abovementioned issues can be fixed, but it’s mostly happening because of the negligence of drivers who are least bothered about other road users and are taking road safety rules and regulations very lightly.

Even some trucks that are carrying road asphalt, sand and gravel have no tailgate at all. Some drivers even don’t cover the load that they are carrying.

I reckon relevant authorities should take heed of the abovementioned situation seriously and issue defect orders and traffic infringements notices for those drivers and vehicles who fail to comply with road safety rules and regulations in regards to unsecured loads.

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