Unsatisfactory response draws ire

Members of the Kubulau District Council during their meeting yesterday. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

THE “kau cake” syndrome should not be entertained and villagers be given answers to queries raised in village meetings.

This was an issue discussed at the Kubulau district meeting held at Namalata Village in Bua yesterday.

Natokalau villager Aborosio Dulunaqio told the meeting that they were not satisfied with the responses received from government officials.

Issues were raised about the road condition, health, overcrowded buses and youths. But when these queries were raised during the meeting, Mr Dulunaqio said the responses from government officials was for them (villagers) to write a letter to respective departments.

“This meeting is for us to know what the results of our queries were and not to tell us to write letters. This is a waste of time,” he said.

“These issues in the agenda were discussed in our village meetings and taken to government departments by various headmen earlier this year.

“That is enough time to resolve our issues and bring the responses back to us and government officials to explain the results during this district meeting.”

He said the district meeting was held twice a year thus the importance of having responses prepared for villagers.

Meeting chairman Ravulolo Vasukibau clarified that the district meeting was to also get feedbacks from government officials.

He asked the village and traditional reps to work with government officials.

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