‘Unsafe roads’ worry

The rocky surface on the roads at southend of Taveuni. Picture SUPPLIED

BUS operators on Taveuni are worried about the safety of their passengers, blaming the road as a risk.

Prakash Sami, the Pacific Transport Ltd operations manager Taveuni branch, claimed the roads towards the southern end of the island were in a deplorable state.

“There are so many locations where the road are with rocky surfaces and deep potholes,” he claimed.

“The roads are unsafe for our passengers and our drivers. “My drivers are only able to drive at a maximum speed of 30 kilometres per hour for 4 kilometres where the roads are worst with lots of risks.”

Mr Sami claimed that despite contacting the Fiji Roads Authority, nothing had been done to fix the road.

“The only update the FRA gave me was that some plans are in the pipeline to do some maintenance on these bad areas and this will be done this month,” he said.

“We cannot take risk but take safety precautions if we are to continue providing bus services to the public. “Grading work has also stopped in these areas.”

The FRA stated that it was aware of the road condition on Taveuni. The authority added that cyclic maintenance would continue.

“However, the main North and South coastal roads are programmed for rehabilitation this financial year,” FRA said.

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