University develops portable fish smoke machine

THE University of the South Pacific has developed a portable smoker for fish which will be viable for fishermen living in the outer islands for fish preservation.

“This will help our rural communities and our villages in the islands in preserving fish. It’s part of our efforts to maintaining food security for this country and economically it is very good for them,” President of Fiji Jioji Konrote, who is also the chancellor of the university said.

Head of School for Marine Studies Professor Ciro Rico said this was the contribution of the university to the welfare of those living in the outer islands that do not have the means to preserve fish over a long period of time.

“We are ready to train fishermen and show them how to smoke fish properly so that the quality they achieve is as good as the one that’s in the laboratory here,” Prof Rico said.

“The preservation methods after the smoking are so good so when it reaches the market in Suva it maintains value.”

USP worked in collaboration with Bluewater Craft from Navua to help design this portable smoker for fish.

Bluewater Crafts company director Chris Tsantikos said the main purpose of this portable smoker was to assist those living in the islands.

“At the end of the day it’s for the islands especially since they don’t have regular transport and neither do they have refrigeration as there is not much electricity available.”

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