Unity in tough times

OVERCOMING their financial challenges, the women of Dreketi, Qamea on Taveuni weave baskets to sell at the nearby Laucala Island Resort.

The 40-member group experienced obstacles right after Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston in February this year.

Dreketi Women’s Group president Asinate Bole said it was through unity, prayers and courage that led them through those trying times.

“We experienced a lot of challenges after TC Winston and we are glad we have gone past those times,” she said.

Mrs Bole said their food sources were destroyed and the pandanus leaves they used to weave baskets were also destroyed.

“After TC Winston, food was one major problem we faced and being a mother and a housewife, finding food for my family was one huge task,” she said.

“We would go out fishing in the morning and come back with just few small fish and the situation continued for three months after the cyclone until we regained growth and our food sources were back to the way it was before.”

Mrs Bole said their women’s group would help elderly people in the village by weaving baskets for them to sell at the hotel.

“Our group believes in extending our help to the elderly and we also believe in putting other people’s needs first before us.

“We have only one plea to the Government — to provide a bakery for our group so we can bake bread which would help us get income to support our group.”

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