Unity Fiji provisional candidate wants change for youths

Unity Fiji provisional candidate Jope Naucabalqavu. Picture: SUPPLIED

UNITY Fiji party provisional candidate Jope Naucabalavu wants changes, especially for Fiji’s youth population in this year’s polls. Mr Naucabalavu, 28, said youths face a lot of issues which need to be urgently addressed. “There are a lot of issues that I would like to advocate on and it’s mainly on unemployment and education, particularly for youths. “I truly believe that these are the two important factors that lead to development and economic growth when harnessed properly,” Mr Naucabalavu said. “I believe our youths are the leaders of tomorrow and we need to create a culture that is conducive to fostering trust, but most importantly to create a mentoring culture to help close the gap between learning and experience and between youths and experienced adults.” Mr Naucabalavu said as a youth leader and also a provisional candidate for the upcoming general election, he believes there are a lot of ways to address the issues of unemployment and fair education opportunities for youths. “For me personally it is all about promoting youth and family engagement in our communities, facilitating better access for youths to service social opportunities, supporting youths through a process to make positive changes in their lives and raising awareness on issues that affect youths generally,” he said. Mr Naucabalavu is banking on youths to make a change. “I would like to encourage all the youths of Fiji that we can make a change. Do not undermine your ability. Our decision today will determine the outcome of our success in the future. “We need to live life with integrity and honesty,” he said.

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