United vision for education

I refer to the article titled The origin of Nawaicoba Public School by Shayal Devi which I enjoyed reading very much.

It reminded me of the Nawaicoba Soccer Club from Nadi, which once dominated the Nadi local league and NCC.

Going back to the turn of tide in the 1960s, the canefarming community realised that there was a need for a proper school and it was only through a united vision that Nawaicoba Public School was constructed.

I congratulate the founding members, trustees and school management for taking the school through 50 good years and turning it into a beacon of hope for many.

The chief guest Dr Reddy, while addressing the invited guests and extended Nawaicoba family, reminded them about the significance of the institution to the people of Nawaicoba.

He also recognised the efforts of the forefathers for the vision in constructing a temple of education that has moulded many responsible and versatile citizens.

Being a former scholar made him share his experiences openly.

There are many other success stories about the establishment of schools all over Fiji and the sacrifices our ancestors made because they saw education as the ladder to a quality and successful pathway.

When I think about the schools that I attended, I am grateful to the founding members for without these schools I would not have been able to complete my quest for quality education.

Reading such articles brings back solid memories of my primary and secondary school days, the struggles and rewards of working hard.

As I conclude, I congratulate the Rakiraki soccer team for making it into the top flight and I thank Bua for displaying good sportsmanship.

Rakiraki looks to displace Nadroga. By the way yesterday morning turned into a period of grief watching Chelsea run riot over Man United, scoring 4 classic goals.

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