Unit builds on proper accounting

Minister for Defence Inia Seruiratu speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, September 21, 2021. PARLIAMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF FIJI

The Republic of Fiji Military Forces has taken necessary steps to improve and ensure the proper maintenance of its engineers project trust fund in accordance with the Accounting Standards and the Financial Management Act of 2004.

This, according to Minister for Defence, National Security and Policing Inia Seruiratu in Parliament this week.

“RFMF engineers are involved in rural development projects and they used to operate two accounts for such purposes – the Plant Unit – TMA and the engineers project trust fund,” he said.

“Why has it been shifted to headquarters RFMF? One of the reasons is I think where they had a lot of difficulties in the past.

“Back in Nabuni where the RFMF Engineers are based, most of the transactions and paperworks are done manually.

“So now when it is with headquarters RFMF it is with Financial Management Information System (FMIS), Mr Speaker, sir.

“Therefore, as I have stated in the past, monitoring was manually done but now it is recorded in the FMIS at the headquarters, RFMF.”

He said the account was transferred to RFMF headquarters in 2016.

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