Unions claim State had advise five-year contracts for teachers

THE two teacher unions claim the Government had previously advised teachers they would be given a five-year contract.

Thus, a circular dated December 24, 2018, stated that all contracts due to expire this month will be automatically renewed for one year.

The circular stated the Ministry of Education had been working hard to ensure all new contracts must reflect the Teacher Remuneration Setting Policy.

This means that all individual qualifications must be verified and a review of the salary band must also be conducted.

“Unfortunately, the ministry has insufficient time to complete these checks for all contracts due to expire in January 2019 will be automatically renewed for one year at the employee’s salary band,” the circular stated.

“This approach will apply to all contracts due to expire in 2019 until such time as the ministry is confident it can issue contracts in accordance with the Teacher Remuneration Setting Policy.”

The general secretaries of the two teacher unions – the Fijian Teachers Association (FTA) and the Fiji Teachers Union(FTU) – have given a brief statement on how the above exercise would affect the livelihood of teachers.

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