Union to look into assault claim

FIJIAN Teachers Association president Gauna Halofaki says appropriate action will be taken against the headteacher who allegedly assaulted a Year 8 student last Wednesday.

Mr Halofaki said they were disappointed to know that such irresponsible acts were still being used in schools.

He said teachers were aware that corporal punishment would not be tolerated.

“Children will live in fear if corporal punishment is practised in school,” he said.

Mr Halofaki said students were supposed to be moulded, shaped and handled with care.

He said teachers were always reminded to refrain from corporal punishment or any form of assault.

“As for the assault case, we will also be doing our own investigation on the case,” he said.

The parents of an Year 8 student have urged the Education Ministry to investigate their son’s case.

The boy’s mother said the headteacher hit her son with a war club after he was caught wearing flip-flops in school and refused to take them off when he was asked to do so by the headteacher.

Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy confirmed that the student’s parents have lodged an official complaint.

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